A Different Way of Being

As I begin the adventure of this new blog, I realise that it will require me to engage with the world around me in a radically different way. It will demand that I move more deeply into connections I have already established, but so far in a rather superficial way, and to make new ones. Gray Bear is about what I observe and how I feel about that, and though oddly this blog has the word vision it it, Vision here is about a more profound level of seeing, of communication, of interaction and of humility.

It will mean that I must learn a different way of being in the world around me, which no doubt is the reason I was prompted to begin this journey. Writing about what I experience, what is communicated to me and through me makes me accountable in a way that just doing it does not. It matters not whether the encounter and communication are with a leaf or a mountain, whether it occurs on this level of being or the deeper and farther ones. What matters will be my openness to be present for the encounter and to really listen and see what is presented to me. And then faithfully share what is given me to share. There may be parts of experiences or encounters that are for me alone; I acknowledge this from the outset and will honour those experiences and encounters as they unfold around me and enfold me in them.

I cannot say how often I will be sharing here, as the timing of the encounters are only partly up to me. What I can say is that I will be faithful in sharing what is offered to me, and what I take away from these meetings that have yet to begin. I feel the pull to start shortly, to take time to be present with energies and beings not like myself, meaning not human, but real and viable whether in flesh (I use that term not to exclude the non-fleshed but physically present ones), or spirit, or both. At the same time I will approach these encounters with the Dryadic energy in me, the link I have with the energies of the Tree Folk, to whom I feel kinned. This second level of self-awareness will have implications for the sort teachings that will be shared with me and the learnings I will take away. Because of this dual identity, I will hear with different ears, see with different eyes and perceive through different senses from only human ones.

I am sure that this summer will be a rich time of establishing links and connections that will continue long after this season, this year, and perhaps this lifetime turn into others.

Sharing in a different way

In my original site – Gray Bear in the Middle – I have developed a format for sharing that I am happy with for most things I write and have to share. However, in the recent little bit it has arrived in my awareness that there are other sorts of things to share, different aspects of being and perception, that I don’t feel fit in with Gray Bear’s model. I will continue to write Gray Bear in the Middle, as it is part of me, but I will use this new site to honour another aspect of my being that is urging itself to the surface.

I hope you will read, enjoy and follow here as you have Gray Bear in the Middle.